Unverified Commit 60fd3714 authored by Cédric Bonhomme's avatar Cédric Bonhomme
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about -> index

parent bf082f02
......@@ -28,19 +28,19 @@ from web import app
from web import right_wheel, left_wheel, button, ir_sensor
login_manager = LoginManager(app)
login_manager.login_view = 'login'
login_manager.login_view = 'index'
login_manager.login_message = 'Please log in to access this page.'
login_manager.login_message_category = 'danger'
def authentication_failed(e):
flash('You do not have enough rights.', 'danger')
return redirect(url_for('about'))
return redirect(url_for('index'))
def authentication_required(e):
flash('Authenticated required.', 'info')
return redirect(url_for('about'))
return redirect(url_for('index'))
def load_user(id):
......@@ -103,6 +103,6 @@ def sensor(sensor_name=""):
return {"message": "Unknown sensor"}, 400
@app.route('/about', methods=['GET'])
def about():
return render_template('about.html')
@app.route('/', methods=['GET'])
def index():
return render_template('index.html')
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