Commit 9ecdf111 authored by Christian Moll's avatar Christian Moll

Merge branch 'cherry-pick-c2d06ec6' into 'master'

Added addition constructor accepting angle

See merge request !2
parents 343af673 e64de5da
......@@ -105,6 +105,26 @@ public class TangibleObjectBuilder {
path.add(new Point(x, y, 0));
* Constructor setting the required fields of a tangibleObject
* @param objectId
* The id of the tangible object.
* @param type
* The {@link Type} of the tangible object.
* @param x
* The X coordinate
* @param y
* The Y coordinate
* @param angle
* The orientation angle
public TangibleObjectBuilder(int objectId, Type type, float x, float y, float angle) {
this.objectId = objectId;
this.type = type;
path.add(new Point(x, y, angle));
* Method for adding seconds to the tangible object
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