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The following sections are an excerpt from the constantly evolving Wiki hosted in Gitlab:

TULIP - A framework for tangible user interfaces

Part of the research conducted at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, and before that in the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor, probes the boundaries of current technologies. As we are oriented towards applied research, it is not uncommon to produce tools and frameworks that will help us in conducting our research and, hopefully, be useful to partners to implement their business plans.

TULIP is the result of such a process. The following paragraphs will give a brief history of the framework with the tale of how it came to be together with a brief presentation of team members. Later paragraphs will then deal with concepts and technical details.

TULIP was designed and implemented in an iterative process as of 2014. The bulk of the framework has been developed by @etobias with the help of and under the watchful eyes of @vmaquil who heads the research activities in the Natural User Interfaces domain. From January to June 2014 the framework saw the first major developments with some complementary implementation and bug fixing activity done during the Summer and Fall of 2014. In Fall 2014, @yrangoni added the first traces of a lightweight logging library.

In January 2015 the project was migrated to Git, using GitLab as a platform.
Current development

We currently develop an adapter for the computer vision framework and are in the stages of testing it. Similarly, we are developing adapters to address networked devices.
Libraries and Licenses

As of now, the provided sources are still in development.
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Currently the project depends on an in-house annotation library that is distributed with this project as well as Guava (licensed under Apache 2.0), JDOM (licensed under an Apache-style open source license), and the TUIO Java client (licensed as LGPL).

The network adapters are using BlueCove (licensed under Apache 2.0) for Bluetooth communication and RXTX (licensed as LGPL) for Xbee communication.