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Committing the Pöwer Scenario

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<!--MicroDYN scenario
1: Exploration Phase
2. Interconnectedness/Model building/Acquire Knowledge
Questions (come as a text box)
-Which facility/ies produces CO2? Place them on the table.
-Which facility produces the maximum electricity?
-Put in descending order the three objects based on their output values of the electricity.
3. Apply knowledge/Reach target values
1. Reach ca. 850,000 MW in total by changing the parameters of all 3 facilities.
2. Produce ca. 80,000 metric tones of CO2 in total by changing the parameters of 2 facilities that you wish.
3. Reach ca. 650,000 MW emitting max. 100,000 metric tones of CO2 by changing the parameters of all 3 facilities.
We will need 4 Objects, A,B,C, and Instructions
- Instructions:
You are working in an electricity company. You are asked to improve the organization of the generation of the electric power.
You have 3 industrial facilities in your availability represented by these three objects.
Find out how the different parameters of these three facilities impact the power generation and the CO2 emissions.
Plot your assumptions in the model!
Text field: jave library:
import javax.swing.JTextField;
JTextField numberEnter = new JTextField("Enter numbers here", 20);
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- kjhkjh
- Input scale: 0-10
- W: windmill
- S: photovoltaics
- C: coal-fired power station
Connectedness: W, S, C ->E, C->P
E: Energy
P: pollution
E = 45W + 35S + 100C
P= 200C
Aufgabe des CPS:
E >= 1000
P <= 400
Possible Solution: W=10 S=10 C=2
......@@ -282,7 +345,7 @@
......@@ -380,12 +443,29 @@
<parameter name="B" unit="pieces" />
<parameter name="C" unit="pieces" />
<invoke>(5*A) + (607*B) + (22*C)</invoke>
<invoke>(450*A) + (350*B) + (200*C)</invoke>
<result name="Energy" />
<!-- <corona>
Aufgaben: Bilder ändern 1920x1080
Bild dimmen
Output values change after rotating
<triggerCondition>Durete &gt; -0.5</triggerCondition>
<triggerCondition>Durete &lt; -0.5</triggerCondition>
<!--If they reach the goal within time, then a text box saying "Congratulations, you have reached the goal! Continue with the next task."
If not, "You have not reached the goal within time. Continue with the next task." -->
\ No newline at end of file
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