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launching transformation

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......@@ -23,6 +23,13 @@ Let's take a simple example from ATL (
In this example, we first select all the element conform to *Member* of the Family metamodel (named *MMI*). Then, we filter (using lodash _.filter)
and returning the result of the helper function *isFemale()*.
//Helper function
function isFemale(member) {
//Warning writting the function name... checking empty table
return (member.familyMother.length!=0 || member.familyDaughter.length!=0);
var Member2Female = {
in : function(inputModel) {
......@@ -39,7 +46,20 @@ var Member2Female = {
return [d];
Launching the transformation is made by creating a new Transformation then by adding the rules it contains.
var transformation = new Transformation();
Execution of transformation rule is made using the apply function on a transformation. The parameters
are the input Model and output model (as defined in JSMF).
transformation.apply(, M.mb);
You can find examples, discover the other components and test it online with Tonic on JSMF github website (
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