Commit e1fb5dcf authored by Nicolas Biri's avatar Nicolas Biri

Fix error on crawlElements with JSMFAny

parent 750f2afe
Pipeline #838 passed with stage
in 50 seconds
......@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ function crawlElements(init) {
let newNodes
if (isJSMFClass(e)) {
const refs = e.getAllReferences()
const refTypes =, 'type')
const refTypes = _(refs).map('type').filter(isJSMFClass).value()
const attrs = e.getAllAttributes()
const attrsEnum = _(attrs).values().map('type').filter(isJSMFEnum).value()
newNodes = _.flatten([refTypes, attrsEnum, e.getInheritanceChain()])
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