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[![build status](https://git.list.lu/jsmf/jsmf-core/badges/master/build.svg)](https://git.list.lu/jsmf/jsmf-core/commits/master)
A part of the JSMF project dedicated to model definition.
The JavaScript Modelling Framework (JSMF) has been designed for providing a flexible modelling environment that could support the many modelling situations: from informal model to code generation. It is a JavaScript embedded DSL inspired by the Eclipse Modelling Framework (EMF) in its basic functions but that rely on JavaScript dynamic typing and on a relative independence between a metamodel and a model.
## Install
Thanks to npm: `npm install jsmf-core`
## Usage and Example
### In order to access the most commun JSMF elements use:
const JSMF = require('jsmf-core')
Model = JSMF.Model
Class = JSMF.Class
Enum = JSMF.Enum
### Creating a metamodel element (i.e., Class)
Here we created a Class "Family" and a "lastname" attribute.
This way of creating metamodel elements is inspired by the EMF syntax.
const Family = Class.newInstance('Family')
Family.addAttribute('lastname' , String )
Alternatively you can use a more compact syntax (here defining a Person Class).
const Person = Class.newInstance ('Person', [] ,
{ firstname : String , age : JSMF.Positive })
Now we have the Class "Person" and "Family" let's create a reference between those two Classes.
Family.addReference ('members', Person , JSMF.Cardinality.Some )
### Creating a model element conforms to a metamodel element.
const john = new Person ()
john . firstname = John
john . age = 46
Alternatively you can also use a compact syntax
const kennedy = Family . newInstance ({ name : Kennedy ,
members : [ john ]})
You can find examples and online test with Tonic on JSMF github website (https://js-mf.github.io/#portfolio)
## License information
See [License](LICENSE).
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