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ICoVeR is an interactive visualization tool for binning of metagenomics data. It allows comparing results of multiple automated binning techniques and provides means to analyze bins in more detail. Its interactive visualization features help to get deeper insight in the structure of bins and interaction between bins.
For more details visit [the website](
For more details visit [prohect wiki](
## Cite this
A paper is currently being written. Until publication of this paper, please cite ICoVeR as:
Broeksema, Bertjan; Calusinka, Magdalena; McGee, Fintan; Goux, Xavier; Winter, Klaas; Ghoniem, Mohammad; Delfosse, Philippe (2015): ICoVeR. figshare. Retrieved 19:16, Nov 19, 2015 (GMT)
ICoVeR – an interactive visualization interface for metagenomic contig-bins verification and refinement
Broeksema, Bertjan; Calusinka, Magdalena; McGee, Fintan; Winter, Klaas; Bongiovanni, Francesco; Goux, Xavier; Wilmes, Paul; Delfosse, Philippe; Ghoniem, Mohammad (2016)
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