Commit befc7c6c authored by Aron Gergely's avatar Aron Gergely
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Removed deprecated code

parent eb6eb791
......@@ -25,33 +25,6 @@ apiv02_bp = Blueprint('development api v0.2', __name__, url_prefix='/api/v0.2')
def tree():
return defaultdict(tree)
def queryfactory(model,join=False,filt=False,value=False):
#helper functions to construct queries
def filter_or(obj,attrib,val):
"""Construct filtering method (OR)"""
if len(val) == 1:
return obj.filter(attrib == val[0])
return obj.filter(attrib.in_(val))
def filter_and(obj,attrib,val):
"""Construct filtering methods recursively (AND)"""
if len(val) == 1:
return obj.filter(attrib == val[0])
return filter_and(obj.filter(attrib == val[len(val)-1]),attrib, val[0:len(val)-1])
if join and not filt:
return model.query.join(join)
elif filt and join:
return filter_or(model.query.join(join),filt,value)
elif filt and not join:
return filter_or(model.in_(value))
return "error"
@apiv02_bp.route('/', methods=['GET'])
def apimessage():
......@@ -169,19 +142,3 @@ def allshelters(shelter_id=None):
return jsonify(result)
@apiv02_bp.route('/shelters/<attribute_name>', methods=['GET'])
@apiv02_bp.route('/shelters/<attribute_name>/<attribute_value>', methods=['GET'])
def attributes(attribute_name, attribute_value=''):
"""Returns all shelters which match a specific attribute name or attribute name + value"""
result = tree()
if not attribute_value:
shelter_properties = Property.query.filter(Property.attribute.has(uniqueid=attribute_name))
shelter_properties = Property.query.filter(Property.attribute.has(uniqueid=attribute_name), Property.values.any(name=attribute_value))
for shelter_property in shelter_properties:
result[shelter_property.shelter_id][shelter_property.attribute.uniqueid] = shelter_property.get_values_as_string()
return jsonify(result)
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