Commit b6b3759e authored by Aron Gergely's avatar Aron Gergely
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API '/shelters' resource now looks for pictures path in

parent 56b170c6
......@@ -14,13 +14,13 @@ __revision__ = ""
__copyright__ = ""
__license__ = ""
#from bootstrap import db
from bootstrap import db, app
from sqlalchemy.sql import func, select
from flask import Blueprint, jsonify, request, json, Response
from collections import defaultdict
from web.models import Shelter, Attribute, Property, Value, Association, ShelterPicture, Category, Tsvector, Translation
import conf, os.path
apiv02_bp = Blueprint('development api v0.2', __name__, url_prefix='/api/v0.2')
......@@ -148,7 +148,9 @@ def allshelters(shelter_id=None):
result = tree()
#shelter pictures folder path
picpath = '/public/pictures/shelters'
picpath = os.path.relpath(conf.SHELTERS_PICTURES_PATH)
Supercategory = db.aliased(Category)
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