Commit 4c5262c5 authored by Krystyna Milian's avatar Krystyna Milian

Modified function loading filter values to use new attributes names

parent 0439ca0f
...@@ -429,10 +429,10 @@ addOption = function (selectbox, text, value) { ...@@ -429,10 +429,10 @@ addOption = function (selectbox, text, value) {
function loadFilterValues() { function loadFilterValues() {
var filters = { var filters = {
'climateFilter': 'Climate zone', 'zoneFilter': 'Zone', 'commercialFilter': 'Type of Implementing Agency', 'climateFilter': 'climatezone', 'zoneFilter': 'zone', 'commercialFilter': 'typeofimplementingagency',
'disasterFilter': 'Associated disaster / Immediate cause', 'disasterFilter': 'associateddisasterimmediatecause',
'soilFilter': 'Soil type', 'shelterTypeFilter': 'Type of shelter', 'soilFilter': 'soiltype', 'shelterTypeFilter': 'typeofshelter',
// 'topographyFilter': 'Topography' // 'topographyFilter': 'topography'
} }
for (var filterId in filters) { for (var filterId in filters) {
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