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......@@ -19,16 +19,13 @@ Thus, start the GATE application embedded and use the loaded data to annotate th
2. Execute the java Main class with the following parameters:
* -p "/gateAnnotationTool/example/" *folder where the documents are stored*
* -t ".nxml" *type of the documents used in the parameter -p*
* -t "nxml" *type of the documents used in the parameter -p*
* -g "/gateAnnotationTool/example/experiment2.xgapp" *path where the xgapp file is stored*
* -r "gateAnnotationTool/AnnotationTest/" *folder where the results will be stored*
* -h "home/user/GATE_Developer_8.1 is installed" *folder where gate is installed in your computer*
* -o "Output" *Annotation Set where the annotations is stored. Example: [-o Test] [-o Output]*
* -x "Lookup" *Type of the annotations example: [ -x Lookup] [-x person] [-x email]*
<b> java Main -p "C:\\Users\\cardoso\\Desktop\\AnnotationTest\\" -t ".nxml" -g "C:\\Users\\cardoso\\Desktop\\AnnotationTest\\experiment2.xgapp" -r "C:\\Users\\cardoso\\Desktop\\AnnotationTest\\" -h "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\GATE_Developer_8.1" -o Output -x Lookup </b>
<b> java Main -p -g /Users/cardoso/Downloads/MESH2009/test.xgapp -p /Users/cardoso/Downloads/MESH2009/ -t nxml -x Lookup -h /Users/cardoso/GATE/GATE/ </b>
### Expected Output
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